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استان یزد

Yazd Province is located in the central part of the Central Iranian Plateau. This province borders Semnan and Isfahan Provinces by north and west, Razavi Khorasan Province by northeast, Kerman and South Khorasan provinces by east, and Fars Province by southwest. In terms of terrain, this region is highly diverse. Yazd Province is part of the Central Iranian Plateau where Iran’s deserts are mainly located in. With more than 3000 years of history, Yazd is one of the ancient areas of Iran with brilliant heritage of ancient culture and civilizations and different historical periods.

Green valleys and countryside, springs, mountains and peaks, caves, wildlife and hunting areas, and desert attractions are some of the interesting features of Yazd’s nature, some of which are considered as the most important and popular promenades of people in this province. The oldest urban clock of Iran is installed in Vaqtolsaat Square of Yazd. Yazd is known as “City of Wind Catchers”. "City of Bicycles" and "City of Cookies" are other tourist names of this city.

Some of the historical and natural attractions of Yazd Province include Pire-Harisht Temple of Zoroastrians in Ardakan, Yazd Desert Jameh Mosque, the oldest urban clock square in Yazd, Dolatabad Garden, 12 Imam Tomb, Alexander Prison, Varahram Fire (Zoroastrian fire temple), Naji Garden, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Cypress of Abarkooh, Adobe Refrigerator of Abarkooh, Gonbad-e Aali in Abarkooh, Aghazadeh Old House, in Abarkooh, Murtaza Ali hot springs in Tabas, Kharanaq Village and Castle in Ardakan, Golshan Garden in Tabas, Khoormiz Castle in in Mehriz, Dovecote Tower in Meybod, the oldest mosque of Iran in Fahraj, Darregahan Waterfall in Taft, Pir Chak Chak in Ardakan, Ardakan Desert, and Harat Desert. In addition, this province has many natural springs and caves, old bazars, mills, and caravanserais that tourists are highly recommended to pay a visit to.

The most important handicrafts in Yazd province include carpet, rug, velvet, brocade, wrapper, handkerchief, mercerizejim, qanaviz, ihram, shamad, cashmere, curtain, ground cloth, slipper, burlap, bundle, loincloth, washcloths, haversack, blanket, pottery, ceramics, rattan, tile, and giveh.

Confectionery has a long history in Yazd. Traditional cookies such as baklava, qottab, coconut luz, cotton candy, rice bread, haji almond, etc. are cooked in Yazd.


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