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Azadi Stadium ورزشگاه آزادی Azadi Stadium ورزشگاه آزادی

Azadi Stadium

ورزشگاه آزادی

Tehran Azadi stadium is the Iranian national stadium and the biggest stadium in the country.

It was built in Azadi Sport Complex according to international criteria for the Asian 1974 Championship matches with an area of 141000 meters squared.

The stadium has the capacity of 84412 people. It is the biggest stadium in the Middle East, the fourth biggest in Asia, and the eleventh in the world in terms of capacity.

The stadium was built to host Asian 1974 championships, and in deed, is a part of Azadi Sport Complex. Tehran Azadi stadium has got the “A” grade based on the standards and terms of Asian Football Confederation (AFC).


The stadium has a covered parking with a capacity of 400 automobiles and 7000 automobiles can also park outside the stadium. Azadi stadium subway station is located near the stadium.

At the present time, this sport complex is one of the most unique sport complexes in Asia, having multi-purpose gyms, a gym with a capacity of 12000 people, and an artificial lake. The field is covered with grass, and around the field is a track and field tartan track in eight rows. In the west part and the southern side of the stadium are the VIP section and the place for television and radio reporters, and the press box is located to the right of this place with the capacity of 85 people.

The lighting of the field and the stadium is done via four towers in the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast of the stadium.

The stadium sound system is decentralized and a number of speakers are used in different directions for each station. The scoreboard of the stadium was first monochromic and text-based, but then, it was reconstructed to a colored screen.

In the west part, devices for controlling the scoreboard and the sound room are located in the highest level of the stadium.

Regarding safety, the evacuation time has been estimated to be 11 minutes. The tunnels and corridors of the stadium are made in a way that vehicles such as fire trucks, cleaners, and also broadcasting containers can approach the VIP section if need be.

Zone: 22
Address: Azadi stadium, West Azadi Stadium Blvd, Tehran- Karaj Highway, Tehran,Iran
Address: ایران ، تهران ، بزرگراره تهران – کرج ، بلوار غربی استادیوم ، استادیوم آزادی


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