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Tochal توچال Tochal توچال



Tochal is a 3962 meter-high mountain peak in northern Tehran, which forms part of the Alborz mountain range. The southern slopes of Tochal are adjacent to Tehran, with its summit overlooking the city.

Tochal aerial tramway is equipped with three main lines, three tele cabin lines, and one tele ski line. The overall length of the three tele cabin lines amounts to 7500 meters, one of the longest continuous gondola lines in the world. The first, second, and fifth tele cabin stops lie at 2000, 2300, and 3000 meters above sea level respectively, and the seventh and highest stop is 3700 meters above sea level.

Some of the recreational facilities in Tochal area include the following:

Tochal Hotel
Tochal Hotel is located at the seventh tele cabin stop at 3545 meters above sea level. The construction of this hotel was completed in 2003. The hotel has a wooden façade and comprises 30 rooms and suites.

Tochal gondola lift starts at the end of Velenjak Street, 3 kilometers from Tajrish Square, Shemiran.

Sports Complexes
The Tennis Club: The tennis club is located in the southern corner of the first tele cabin stop, and includes five tennis courts in an overall area of 2040 square meters.

The Archery Club: Covering an area of 3000 square meters, the archery club is located in the south eastern corner of the first tele cabin stop, offering facilities such as a grass field with eight target boards.

The Bungee Jumping and Skating Club: Tochal Bungee Jumping Club is the first of its kind in Iran with a 40 meter free fall dive. The club also has a professional skating rink and a coffee shop.

The Pint Ball Club: Located en route the first tele cabin stop between the second entrance gate and the stream, the pint ball club consists of a play ground, a coffee shop, a stockpile for guns, and a cloakroom.

Zone: *
Address: Tochal, End of Velenjak Street, Martyr Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran
Address: ایران ، تهران ، بزرگراه شهید چمران ، انتهای خیابان ولنجک ، توچال
Business hour: *
Tel: +98-21-***

Tochal توچال

Tochal توچال

Tochal توچال

Tochal توچال

Tochal توچال

Tochal توچال


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