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Bazaar-E- No in Shiraz - Shiraz, Iran بازار نو شیراز    Bazaar-E- No in Shiraz - Shiraz, Iran بازار نو شیراز

Bazaar-E- No in Shiraz

بازار نو شیراز

This market is one of Shiraz markets in Qajar dynasty. The market is located in the neighborhood of Darb-E- Shahzade and in the eastern side of Saray-E- Moshir; its architecture is alike Bazaare-E- Vhakil.

This market have octagonal vestibule which has divided the market into two parts so that transferred from the west side to Saray-E- Moshir and from south side to Ordu Bazaar. Above this vestibule which connects Bazaar-E-Moshir to the Bazaar-E- No of Moshir, is an elevated ceiling with a fairly large andlow swell dome which is connected to the pier of wall by Karbandi 1 (the interface between the hexagonal design where the dome’s stem starts, if there is a sub-arcs of intersection, it is called Karbandi). There is a hole on top of the checker tiled 2 dome, that a multidimensional louver can be seen. The floor of the vestibule alike Saray-E- Moshir, was covered with rubble. In this vestibule there are four chambers which are located within two steps from ground level. On the top of these chambers, the woodcarving with bricks can be seen. The east side of the northern market has 6 chambers and the west side has 5 chambers. Among the piers of the stores, for the wicked lamps that burn with suet, there is a small and embossed niche. At the outset of the market, a small octagonal fountain can be seen.

  1. Karbandi: کاربندی
  2. Mogheli tile: a kind of decorating tile which its model is checker

Address: Bazaar-E-No, along Bazaar-E- Vhakil, Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
Address: ایران، استان فارس، شیراز، میدان شهدا، بازار وکیل شیراز


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