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استان قزوین

Qazvin Province is restricted to Mazandaran and Gilan Provinces from north, to Zanjan and Hamedan Provinces from west, to Markazi Province form south, and to Tehran Province from east. The Northern and Western parts of the province is mountaineous , and Qazvin Plain is in the South and East-South of Qazvin Province. The surface area of this province is 15820 square Meters which is about 1% of the whole country. Qazvin Province have four counties (Qazvin, Abyek, Takestan, and Bouin Zahra), and 17 cities (Qazvin, Eghbalieh, Mohammadieh, Alvand, Mahmood Abad Nemooneh, Abyek, Raz Mian, Moalem Kelayeh, Takestan, Esfarvarin, Zia Abad, Khoramdasht, Avaj, Shal, Danesfahan, Abgarm, and Bouin Zahra).

Terhan-Karaj-Qazvin and Qazvin-Zanjan Freeways connect this province to Northern and Western Provinces, and Terhan. The railway of West-North part of Iran also passes Qazvin. The very important Iran-Europe and Tehran-Isfahan-Shiraz Transit Roads also pass through Qazvin.

Qazvin has cold winters and cool summers. The annual rainfall of this province ranges from 200 to 300 mm.

The archaeological excavations and findings in the Qazvin Plain indicates Sedentism and Agriculture Stage in the seventh millennium BC and residents having primary industries and social system.

The common languages in this region are Farsi, Tati, Maraghi, Kurdish, Lorish, Turkish, and Romanloei.

The common language of Qazvin City and most people resident in eastern parts of the province is Farsi that is common among people in the city old tissues with three dialects, i.e., Rari, Moghlavaki, and Gooy Meydani.

Before the entrance of Islam to this region, their religion was Zoroastrianism. It is said that the initial building of the first mosques in Qazvin were built on fire temples. The dominant denomination in Qazvin was Sunni since the entrance of Islam till Safavid, but after Safavid, Shia denomination developed rapidly in Qazvin and is the current denomination of people there.


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