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About North Khorasan Province

استان خراسان شمالی

North Khorasan, with Bojnoord as the center, is one of the three provinces separated from the former great Khorasan.

This region is mountainous with fertile plains which is very favorable for agriculture and animal husbandry. North Khorasan Province borders Turkmenistan by north, Razavi Khorasan Province by east and south, Golestan Province by west, and Semnan Province by southeast.

Varied climatic conditions can be seen in this province but the prevailing climate is cold mountainous.

On top of the natural and geographical position and having abundant underground sources, North Khorasan is one of the oldest regions of Iran which has long had a brilliant culture.

One of the major features of North Khorasan Province is its cultural and ethnic diversity. Ethnicities that now exist in this province and especially in Bojnoord and its suburbs include Turks, Kermanjis, Turkmens, Persians, and Tats.

The main tourist attractions of North Khorasan Province are as follows:

- Hassan Abad Old Castle, Qeysar Castle, and Seolak Castle in Esfaraen.
- Mofakham House of Mirrors in Bojnoord, the ancient city of Bilqis in Esfaraen, and Sarmaran Ancient Hill in Esfaraen.
- Tooy area, Poostindooz Cave, and Soleyman Cave in Shirvan.

Some of the handicrafts of this province are as follows:

Rug, Jajim, wrapper, traditional textile, carpet, cushion, Turkmen rug, etc.


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