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Vakil Abad Park & Zoo پارک و باغ وحش وکیل آباد Vakil Abad Park & Zoo پارک و باغ وحش وکیل آباد

Vakil Abad Park & Zoo
پارک و باغ وحش وکیل آباد

Vakil Abad Park is situated in southwest Mashhad. With beautiful old town charm, it’s a perfect place for travelers to rest and enjoy. Within the park, there’s a large 70-hectare zoo known as Park City Mountain Zoo, which is also the only zoo in Mashhad. It has carnivores, herbivores, fish, reptiles, and birds, including endangered and some extremely rare animals such as Bengal tiger, Indonesian tiger, white oryx, aoudad sheep, alligator, llama, African leopard, lynx, etc. The zoo also breeds endangered species.

In addition, a seasonal river flows through the park that is filled with mature trees on mountains. An amusement park doubles the fun.

Zone: 9
Address: ٍEnd of Vakil Abad Boulevard, Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran
Address: مشهد ، انتهای بلوار وکیل‌آباد
Tel: +98-511-***


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