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استان لرستان

Lorestan province is located on Bakhtaran region of Iran and is one of the western provinces. Neighbors of this province are Marakazi and Hamedan provinces from north, Khuzestan province from south, Isfahan province from east and Kermanshah and Ilam provinces from west. It is the thirteenth province of Iran by population and is considered as one of the populated provinces of Iran. Its provincial capital is Khorramabad and Borujerd is its second largest city. Lorestan province has a diverse climate. When in winter the weather of the northern parts of the province is snowy and cold with blizzards, the southern part enjoys a pleasant and rainy weather. Climatic studies demonstrate that Khorramabad has mild winters and hot summers. Borujerd has cold winters and mild summers. Aligudarz has also very cold winters and mild summers.

According to the latest changes in administrative divisions, Lorestan province possesses 11 counties, 27 regions, and 84 rural districts. Currently, it has 23 urban areas and around 3000 villages. Counties of this province are:
Azna, Aligudarz, Pol-e Dokhtar, Khorramabad, Dorud, Dowreh, Delfan, Selsele, Koohdasht, and Romeshgan.

The ethnic and tribal population comprises Iranian Lurs. The dominant dialect for the people of Lorestan is Luri.

Spectacular and scenic areas of Lorestan:

Falak-ol-Aflak Castle located in the city center of Khorramabad and a bridge named Pol-e Dokhtar, belonging to Sassanian Empire are among the most famous tourist attractions of this province.

There are more than 250 caves and rock shelters in this province, half of which have been registered in National Monuments Index. Among important caves are Manghosh caves that existed prior to Homian One, Homian Two period, and Mirmalas of Koohdasht, Chegeni districts in Khorramabad, pre historic residential caves in Khorramabad valley such as Passangar, Ghomri, Konji, Gera Janeh, and Yafteh and the ancient and wonderful Kalmakareh cave in Pol-e Dokhtar.

Since it is located in mountainous areas and also because of having abundant springs and water resources, Lorestan has a pretty good situation for the formation of natural waterfalls. There are approximately 20 different waterfalls in Lorestan that annually attract many enthusiasts at different seasons of the year.

Among natural phenomena and ecotourism of Lorestan are various springs and mirages that exist throughout the province. These mirages and springs have suitable conditions for attracting the tourist population within the province and even outside it.


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