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استان کرمان

Kerman Province with the area of 175,069 square kilometers is located in Iran’s south east. The area of the province is the second largest province in the country. This province is limited to south Khorasan and Yazd Provinces from the north, Hormozgan Province from the south, Sistan and Balouchestan Province from east and and Fars Province from west. This province has 64 cities, 23 counties, 54 sections and 150 villages.

The capital city of the province is Kerman City.

Kerman has very old history, which according to some historians and scholars, the history of human settlement goes back to the fourth millennium BC.

Counties of this province are listed as below:

Arzuiyeh - Annar – Baft - Bardsir - Bam - Jiroft – Rabor - Ravar - Rafsanjan - Rigan - South rudbar - Zarand - Sirjan – Shahre babak - Ambar Abad - Faryab - Fahraj – Ghaleh ganj - Kerman - Kuhbanan - Kahnuj - Manojan – Narmashir

Rafsanjan’s pistachios gardens, Bam’s groves, Gughar, Rabor and Baft’s walnut gardens and banana gardens in Jiroft, all are biggest farmlands in Iran. Sarcheshmeh, Meyduk, Khatunabad and Shahre babak’s copper, Faryab Chromite, Sirjan and Bam Free Zones and Kerman City are industrial places in this province.

Jiroft is called India of Iran, because of the tropical climate and vast water, and Arzuiye is named as Iran’s California. Baft due to its high altitude above sea level (third highest city of Iran) is called desert’s roof or Siberia of south. We call Rabor as Ramsar of south (Ramsar; a picturesque city in Mazandaran Province) and Bardsir is called as desert’s pearl because of good climate and beautiful landscapes.

Archaeologists of the world have called Kerman as the civilization cradle of the earth because of the very old historical places from Pre-BC (that some of them are the oldest works in the world) such as Jiroft Halilrud’s civilization, Baft’s Yahya hill, Devil’s hill and Sasanian castles of Kerman.

It is also called Heaven of the earth for geologists and miners because of the diversity of geology and abundance of mines in this province.

On the other hand, the third highest peak of Iran is “ Hezar” peak, and is located in this province which is the highest peak of Zagros Mountains and its height is around 4,501 meters while the deepest place in Iran with the depth of 65 meters also is located in this province which is in Lut desert.

We can mention these places as the most famous attractions in Kerman Province:

Arge Bam, Arge rayn, Shahdad desert, Lut desert, Bathhouses, Meymand cliff village, Moshtaghieh, Gonbade Jebelieh, historical mosques, bathhouse and complex of Ganjalikhan, museums, archeological sites, gardens, desert tourism camps, hot springs, bazaars, caravansaries, cisterns, waterfalls.

Crafts and Souvenirs:

Kerman Province’s crafts have a global reputation. They are:embroidered cashmere, Kerman’s carpets, handmade textiles, like cashmere and scarf weaving.

Souvenirs of Kerman are: cumin, pistachios, perfume, distillates, dates, citrus and hanna, Ghavut and special sweets like Kolompeh, Komaj, Sahan, Halva , Haj badam, Haj pesteh and Masghati


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