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 Hafez - حافظ



Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Hafez, titled as Khwaja Hafez-e Shirazi and known as Lesan Algheib, is one of the most famous poets of Iran. Most of his poets are ghazals that are famous as Hefez Ghazals . He was born in 1327 in Shiraz.

Khwaja mastered in all the literary and religious sciences in his youth. He became one of the celebrities in science and literature in his land before his twenties. In addition to his deep scientific and literary knowledge, he memorized the whole Quran in this period; thus he selected the pen name Hafez.

His fame, and the immortal dynamic secret of this fame are due to his elegant ghazals.

Divan of Hafez includes ghazals, some qasidas, some masnavi, qetes, and quatrains.

The universal and humanitarian thought of Khwaja has given him a global fame. Under the influence of Hafex, many great people in thought and poetry of the world has created lasting works. Among them, the two great intellectuals of east and west, i.e., Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (from Germany) and Rabindranath Tagore (from India) can be mentioned.

His poets were translated into European languages in the eighteen and ninteen century.

He passed away in 1309, and was burried in Golgasht Mosala which is a beautiful and pleasant area and Hafez was highly interested in. This place was known as Haefzieh afterwards.

Today, a Divan of Hafez can be found in every house in Iran. Based on their old traditions, the Iranians do fortune telling by the book of Hafez on national or religious holidays including at the Haft-Seen Tablecloth on Nowrooz or at Yalda Night.

Every year, Hafez Tribute Ceremony is held near his tomb in Shiraz with Iranian and foreign researchers on October 11th. This day is called Hafez Tribute Ceremony in Iran.

Hafez - حافظ


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