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استان هرمزگان

Hormazgan Province, the southern province of Iran is located on the coast of Persian gulf and Oman sea. The area is about 68,476 square kilometers.

This province is neighboring Kerman Province from north and northeast, Fars and Bushehr Provinces from northwest and west, Sistan and Balouchestan Provinces from east and covered by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea from south that is approximately 900 kilometers.

Provincial capital city is Bandar-e-Abbas and the most famous cities are listed as below:

Abumusa, Jask Island, Lengeh Island, Hajiabad, Rudan or Deh barez, Qeshm Island, Kish Island,Minab, Greater Tonb, Lesser Tonb Hormozgan Province geographically is divided into two sections which are the coastal flatlands and mountains, and since more than 70 percent of this province’s area contains mountains and highlands and also plains and deep valleys, this province is a part of mountains and highlands.

In the country’s current political divide, Bandar Abbas is capital city of Hormozgan Province.This city is one of the most strategic and commercial centers of Iran alongside Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Shahid Rajaei Port is a huge wharf where a large part of exchanging goods between Iran and other countries takes place.Bandar Abbas is connected to all internal areas and other countries in the world by maritime routes, railways, grade one transit roads and air.

Hormoz Strait is one of the most sensitive and vital waterways in present era.This crescent form strait is about 187 kilometers.The depth of Hormoz Strait from north to south is changing and that’s because of the steep floor of it, so that, near Lark Island it’s around 67 meters and it’s around 180 meters in south coast near Mesendom Peninsula. Hormozgan Province has the history of several thousand years.In the coasts and islands of Hormozgan people are of different ethnic groups such as Lors, Persians, Baluchis, Turks, etc.

The main activities of people in this province are focused on agriculture, fishing, and shipping.


Different kinds of products such as mats, passementerie fabrics, needlework fabrics, different products of marine industries made by clam, and carpets are the most important souvenirs in Hormozgan Province.In addition to mentioned crafts, we can name dates and citrus as this province’s souvenirs.

Nature and Tourism Attractions

Abumusa: Siri Island, Greater Farur island, Lesser Farur Island,Persian Gulf Coasts, Groves and Gardens

Bastak: Kemeshk Mineral Water in Jenah, Boon Mountain Range Hillside, Four Pond ( Chahar Berkeh ) Mountain in Kukherd, Para Aqueduct, Kukherd Aqueduct

Jask Island: Sadij Hot Spring, Beshagard Hillside, Hara Jungle, Puraf Hot Spring, Jagin Riverside

Bandare Abbas: Farghan Hillside, Shatkuh Hillside, Geno Hillside, Geno Hot Spring, Khurgu Hot Spring, Sorkhan Hot Spring, Kal Riverside or Shur River, Shamil Riverside or Hasan Longi, Jalaei Riverside, Hormoz Island, Geno Protected Area.

Lengeh Island: Shov Hillside or Shab Mountain, Siah Hillside, Mehran Riverside

Hajiabad: Farghan Hillside, Homage Hillside, Zardkuh Hillside, Kusha Hillside, Kafri Hillside

Rudan or Dehbaz: Krun Waterfall, Nazdasht

Qeshm Island: Parts of Hara jungle, Lark Island, Hengam Island, Beautiful Cliffs of Qeshm Island’s Coast.

Kish Island: Eealife Aquarium, Social Waterfront, Lur Tree, Reptiles Exhibition

Minab: Minab Riverside

Historical Attractions

Bastak: Scholars Cemetery or Two Domes in Kukherd, Historical Bazaar of Bastak, Khani Bathhouse of Bastak, Sibeh Bathhouse of Bastak, Ilud Fort, Tusileh Fort of Kukherd, Jenah Fort, Dideban Fort, Fatuyeh Fort, Ghalat Fort, Kuhij Fort, Amaj Fort, Oushirinu Caravansary, Se – Nokhod Caravansary, Kurdan Caravansary, Barbar Mosque of Kukherd, Kibleh Mosque of Kukherd, Chale Masque of Kukherd, Mosque of Bastak, Old Mosque of Bastak, Kurdan Mosque of Kukherd, Lavar Mosque of Lavar

Bandar Abbas: Cemetery of Seyed Mozaffar Shrine and Shah Muhammad Taghi Shrine, Khezr Monument, Latidan Bridge in Hormoz Island, Gallehdari Bathhouse, Gallehdari House, Indians Temple, Suru Ancient District, Kolah Farangi Mansion, Bastak Caravansary in Laar and Lengeh Island to Bandar Abbas Road, Portuguese Fort in Hormoz Island, Sahrabaghi Mosque, Manbar Kohne Mosque

Jask Island: Gazdan Crypt and Historical Village, Jagin Historical Village, Sasanian Rooms in Mubarak Mountain’s Headland, Jask Telegraph House, Siah-Sefid Tower

Lengeh Island: Kang Ancient City, Harireh Ancient City, Fekri Mension, Lashtan Fort, Bastak Historical Caravansary, Malek Ebne Abbas Mosque, Kagolaki Caravansary in Bastak and Laar Road to Lengeh Island, Afghan Mosque, Masah Bazaar Mosque Hajiabad: Seyed Muhammad Shrine Cemetery, Hajiabad Historical Castle

Rudan or Dehbaz: Maru Hill or Kheyrabad, Aabnama River Bridge, Girls Castle

Qeshm Island: Monument of Sheikh Barkhol Asvad, Kulghan Ancient Hill, Bibi Maryam Shrine, Kharboz City, Chahkooh Valley, Kharboz Ancient City, Kharboz Caves, Namakdaan Cave, Portuguese Fort, Lark Fort, Qeshm Mosque, Barkh Mosque, Ramchah Mosque, Kushe Mosque, Mitra Temple

Kish Island: Green Tree Complex, Jahan Road, Kish Underground City, Kolbeh Hoor, Greek Ship, The Historical City of Harireh

Minab: Imam-Zadeh Amir Divan Shrine, Panjshanbe (Thursday) Bazaar, Hezareh Castle or Bibi Minu, Shadab Castle, Kerder Fort, Gurband Castle


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Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه
Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه

Kish Commercial Center
Kish Commercial Center

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