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استان همدان

Hamadan is one of the western and mountainous cities of Iran, which is located in Hamedan province and along Elburz Mountains and is 360 kilometers away from southwest of Tehran. It is one of the historical-cultural and touristic cities of Iran that was built in Medes period at eight century B.C. Medes named this city Hegamataneh, and Hamadan is the new name (face) for Hegmataneh. It is also considered as the history and civilization capital of Iran.

Hamadan has a cold climate. The dialect of the Hamadanian people is Farsi with Hamadani accent.

Some of the most famous and greatest poets, writers, and scientists of the Hamadan province are Baba Tahir Hamadani, Eynolghazat Hamadani, Seyyed Jamal ol Din Asadabadi, Mirzadeh Eshghi, Mostafa Rahmandoost, and Ayatollah Mohammad Mofatteh.

Historical Monuments

  • Tomb of Avicenna (Bu Ali Sina), famous Iranian scientist and medic
  • Tomb of Baba Tahir
  • Avicenna's Mausoleum
  • Alavian Dome
  • Tomb of Esther and Mordechai
  • Sacrifice Tower
  • Ancient Hegmataneh Hill
  • Ganjnameh Inscriptions
  • Stone Lion Sculpture
  • The Ancient Bazaar of Hamadan
  • The Grand Mosque of Hamadan
  • Mosque of the Prophet
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Raphael Church
  • Imam Khomeini Square
  • Dokhtar Castle (Ghez Ghale)
  • Mosala Hill
  • Khidr Tomb
  • Tomb of Aref Qazvini
  • Qalamdani Serra

Tourist Centers

Ganjnameh telecabin in Hamadan.

The follwoing are among the natural and tourist spots of Hamadan: Ganjnameh telecabin, Abbasabad hill, Ganjnameh waterfall, Tarrik Darreh ski resort, Mosafa gardens in Mount Alvand domain specially Abbasabad and Heydareh and Emamzadeh Kooh valleys, Ekbatan dam, People's park, Eram's garden and amusement park.

Religious Monuments and Locations

Emamzadeh Abdollah, Emamzadeh Yahya, Emamzadeh Hossein, Emamzadeh Ismail (Mountain Shrine), Emamzadeh Hadi ibn Ali, Emamzadeh Ahl ibn Ali, ancient tomb of Emamzadeh Azhar, ancient tomb of Emamzadeh Hood.

Museums and Cultural Centers

Hamadan's natural history museum, Hegmataneh museum, Avicenna shrine museum, Sacred Defense museum.

Hamadan's Souvenirs

Pottery and ceramics, leather and leather products, carpets, Rugs and Jajims, Angosht Pich, spicy garlic, Sap milk, Maviz, grape sap, shortbread, yellow halwa, walnuts, pistachio shells jam, Dartol, Baslogh, Sheermal, mixture potion, rose jam, sweetbreads, and Kak.


Handcrafts are rich with leather crafts, carpet weaving, and rug weaving. The role of Lalejin is of special importance as the major source of pottery and ceramics in Iran. Other active handcrafts in Hamadan include:

  • Wood carving
  • Wood inlaying
  • Coppersmithing and etching on copper
  • Jewelry, silver filigree, goldbeating, and silver beating and enamelling


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Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه
Zafaranieh Plaza | مجتمع تجاری زعفرانيه

Kish Commercial Center
Kish Commercial Center

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