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Ali-Sadr Cave | غار علیصدر - همدان Ali-Sadr Cave | غار علیصدر - همدان

Ali-Sadr Cave

غار علیصدر - همدان

Ali-Sadr Cave is among the interesting caves and is the world's largest and most important water cave.

The cave is 11200 Meters long. Its height is 2100 Meters. The cave is located in Sari Heights (Zagros Mountains) near Ali-Sadr Village, Kaboodar Ahang County, 75 Kilometers in the East-North of Hamedan Province.

This cave has numerous vestibules, winding corridors, stones and icicles shaped like sculptures like an eagle's claw, two-head lion, pigeon, upside-down boat, bunch of grapes, broccoli, and a stone, on another part of the cave, like the holy name of Allah.

The stones in the Ali-Sadr Cave are related to Jurassic Period from the second geological period. Water currents have caused a great lake in the cave making the travels to the cave possible only by boats. Ali-Sadr Cave is different from the other water caves in the world due to easy application of its water channels in which passage is easy through common boats due to their vastness.

The cave can be visited in two ways, half-path and whole-path, with 1250 and 4000 Meters distance respectively. The rainfall in the heights in a one Kilometer diameter affects the amount of water in the cave. There is no fauna in the cave because of the lack of natural light, and abundant minerals in the water and out of it and also other natural conditions.

The water in the cave is so transparent that ten-meter depth can easily be seen with normal light and naked eye. The depth of water ranges from Centimeters to 14 Meters. The water is of Calcic Bicarbonate Type close to neutral. The air is also wet and saturated with steam. The view inside the cave is very exquisite and the air is light and static. The temperature is almost the same in the summer and winter.

In general, this great cave is among the most attractive tourist places in Hamedan and Iran which is visited by many enthusiasts from inside and out of the country.

Ali-Sadr Cave | غار علیصدر - همدان


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