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استان گیلان

The province is located to the northern of Iran and southwest of the Caspian Sea. Its neighbors are: Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan to the north, Ardabil Province to the West, Qazvin and Zanjan Provinces to the South and Mazandaran Province to the East. Relying on some archeological excavations and hints, Gilan's origination can be dated back to the period before the last ice age (between 50 and 150 thousand years ago).

The plains constitute 40% of the lands in Gilan Province and mountainous areas make up the remaining 60%. With an area of 14,711 square kilometers, the province encompasses 0.9% of the country's total area and therefore, it ranks twenty-sixth among the country's provinces in terms of total area.

Gilan is constituted of three geographical areas: plains, foothills, and mountains. Plains make up a large part of the Gilan Province and consist of two parts: Talesh Plain (from Astara to Shafaroud) and the vast plains of Gilan (from Shafaroud to East Kelachay).

Talesh, Khalkhal and Deilaman mountains are the three mountain ranges that encompass the Gilan province. There are more than 40 rivers in Gilan Province and Sefidrood River is the most important one. The river comes from the Chehel Cheshme Mountains in Kurdistan and after passing through the provinces of Kurdistan and Zanjan, and after crossing the Manjil Valley near Bandar Kiashahr Port (65 km to the north-east of Rasht), it joins the Caspian Sea. A unique feature of the climate of Gilan Province is Anzali Wetland. The wetland is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The wetland has environmental, economic and touristic importance and it is located at the southwest of Bandar Anzali. Its area is about 100 square kilometers and it is surrounded by Caspian Sea to the north, Pirbazar Village to the East, Kapoorchal to the West and Abkenar, Some’eh Sara and a part of the city of Rasht to the South. The climate of Gilan Province is temperate and humid. This feature is due to the climatic impact of the Caspian Sea and Alborz mountains. Gilan Province is among the regions with the highest precipitation in Iran. The types of handicrafts produced in Gilan Province are: woodturning and wood joinery, woodcarving, mosaics, mat weaving, bamboo weaving, pearl weaving, ceramics and pottery making, pumpkin painting, felting, shawl weaving, silk weaving, Jajim weaving, rug weaving, Chamooshdoozi, embroidery, wrapper weaving, carpet weaving. The major cities of the Gilan Province are: Astara/ Roodbar/ Fooman/ Astaneh Ashrafieh/ Roodsar/ Lahijan/ Bandar Anzali/ Shaft/ Langerood/ Rasht/ Some’eh Sara/ Hashtpar. The natural and historic attractions of the province include the following locations: Anzali Wetland (in Bandar Anzali), Caspian Sea and forests (in Gilan), Sefidrood River (in Gilan), Fooman and Masooleh, Mian Poshte Palace, Motamedi building, Customs Building, City Hall Building, tomb of Bibi Hurieh, Sejiran mineral water spring, Temijan brick bridge, Sangrood mineral water spring, Marlik archaeological site Loshan historic bridge etc.

Local and indigenous foods include Baghela Ghatogh, Mirza Ghasemi, local Fesenjan with duck meat and Khootka, Polo Kebab (kebab and rice) with soaked dry beans and onions and raw spawn (salted caviar of white fish), Sour Chicken, Shesh Andaz, Anarbij, Sour Kebab, etc.


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